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Fashion & Glamour Lighting Techniques Revisited

Fashion & Glamour Lighting Techniques Revisited

Опис: http://www.zeroplusplus.com/content/view/20/39/

Мова: англійська
Відео кодек: DX50
Розширення: 720x404
Кадрів: 30fps
Аудіо кодек: mpga
Частота: 44,1 kHz
112 kb/s

Розмір: 736MB
Тривалість: 1:31:12

This first video examines fashion and glamour lighting using just 1 or 2 light sources. We will examine each of the 12 lighting modifiers and how or when we might use them. We will discuss the 18 lighting diagrams and the 19 images created. Follow me as I comment on the lighting diagrams and watch a behind-the-scenes video of the 4 models photographed. This video spans what I have learned over the last 20 years of shooting and modifying the light quality of my studio flash units to a give a 3-dimensional and cinematic light quality.

I use both traditional light modifiers and also several custom built modifiers. It is important to understand that lighting modifiers do not necessarily have to be expensive, they just have to work consistently under varying environments. I do not push brand names or endorse any specific company. In fact, I use a very inexpensive brand of mono-head flash units to create the images both in the video and for my commercial portfolio.

The specific light modifiers discussed include the 22” Beauty Dish w/Grid, Modified 48” Octabox w/Grid, Strobe Head w/7” Grid, Strobe Head Bare-bulb, Strobe Head w/Reflector, 4 different versions of the V-Bank, and several flat panel variants. Each image in the video uses a different combination of the modifiers to demonstrate the degree of flexibility they can offer the photographer.

As a commercial photographer, I prefer to have visual explanations, and that is the format for all the tutorials. Rather than focusing on technical aspects related to digital photography, this video is about LIGHTING. The inspiration for this video was to teach LIGHTING, not Photoshop or how to fix it later. Show me the lights, the modifiers, and toss in a few tips on when to use these lights. The images in the video are not retouched for lighting, just RAW conversions and the basic 30-second levels adjustments and simple skin cleaning.

I felt it was necessary to touch on a few digital tech details, we all come from different skill levels. Monitor Calibration, White Balance, Color Spaces, and Light Meters may be new areas for some of us. This chapter is more about bringing us up to speed than a in depth discussion. Never the less, this a very important yet frequently over looked area.

Topics include:

1) The Lighting Modifiers used and how to build your own inexpensively

2) White Balance - Using a gray card

3) Color Spaces - sRGB vs. Prophoto and 16 Bit

4) Monitor Calibration

5) What is a good exposure

6) How to use a light meter

7) My lens suggestions

8) Alien Skin Filters and Plugins used for the images

Production Planning

1) Planning the Day for Success - your crew and team

2) Utilizing Assistants

3) Directing Models

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